Sunday, February 7, 2016

My earliest IJCAI submissions... ;-)

As we are caught-up  in the  IJCAI-16 paper assignment phase, I recalled, with some fondness, my earliest IJCAI papers.

My very first submission was to IJCAI 1985. That paper was unfortunately rejected; I managed to find those reviews ;-)  It did go on to form the basis for my MS thesis and is currently my most cited paper...

My next submission was to IJCAI 1989 and it fared much better--getting accepted to the conference. I remember going to the huge conference at Detroit. I also remember that Tom Dean, who was tasked with giving a talk on the last day of the conference about what is new in planning and reasoning at IJCAI-89 asked me for a couple of my plastic transparencies, and covered them in his talk! Heady feeling.. ;-)  That paper went onto form the basis for my PhD thesis. I managed to find its reviews too .

I don't obviously have any submissions this time--but wish all the rest of you with submissions great reviews!


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